De Niro: Trump a ‘Scam Artist’ With No ‘Morals’ or ‘Ethics’

De Niro: Trump a ‘Scam Artist’ With No ‘Morals’ or ‘Ethics’

October 2, 2019

In a Variety interview, actor and anti-Trump obsessive Robert De Niro labeled President Trump “a classic hustler and a scam artist” with “no morals,” and warned that his re-election is “going to be very, very bad.”

“[Trump] calls Washington a swamp because all he knows is a swamp,” De Niro said, nonsensically. “He’s a classic hustler and a scam artist. He has no morals. No ethics. If people don’t wake up and he gets reelected, it’s going to be very, very bad. Anybody who feels that way should say it. If you wait to say something, before you know it the dictators and despots come to power.”

Asked about Trump’s recent suggestion that Hollywood movies inspire violence, De Niro’s temper flared, according to Breitbart. “This is absolute nonsense,” he said. “It’s bullshit.”

Hollywood teems with self-righteous, profanity-spewing Progressives like De Niro, who have done more in the last half century to undermine American morality than any other societal institution apart from academia.

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