De Niro: ‘The Country Needs to Hear’ Mueller’s Voice

De Niro: ‘The Country Needs to Hear’ Mueller’s Voice

May 30, 2019

In an open letter published in the New York Times on Wednesday, actor Robert De Niro begged special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before Congress about his report on President Trump’s purported collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election.

“In your news conference, you said that your investigation’s work ‘speaks for itself.’ It doesn’t,” De Niro wrote. “It may speak for itself to lawyers and lawmakers who have the patience and obligation to read through the more than 400 pages of carefully chosen words and nuanced conclusions…

“But the country needs to hear your voice. Your actual voice… because this is the report your country asked you to do, and now you must give it authority and clarity without, if I may use the term, obstruction,” he added.

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