De Niro Sleeps Better Knowing Biden is in the White House

De Niro Sleeps Better Knowing Biden is in the White House

June 8, 2022

During an appearance Tuesday on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, actor/Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Robert De Niro told the host that he sleeps better knowing Joe Biden is occupying the White House, which prompted enthusiastic applause from Colbert’s far-left audience.

“He got us into calm waters, that was always the idea,” De Niro said, apparently oblivious to the raging inflation, record gas prices, baby formula shortages, record illegal immigration at the southern border, and a newly emboldened Russia and China. “He’s doing a very good job. It’s a tough one. I couldn’t imagine — I can imagine how difficult it is. I have decisions in my own personal life — I imagine what he goes through is 100 times that.”

Actually, the mentally and physically decrepit Biden is likely making no decisions even for himself, much less for the country.

“He’s doing the best he can,” continued the unhinged, anti-Trump hysteric De Niro, as if doing the best one can is in itself an achievement. “And we gotta get through a bad period. Period.”

Yes, Americans do have to get through a bad period, a period in which the Biden administration is steering the country off a cliff.

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