De Niro: ‘Idiot’ Trump Ignored ‘Many Warnings’ About COVID

De Niro: ‘Idiot’ Trump Ignored ‘Many Warnings’ About COVID

May 7, 2020

In a virtual interview on The Late Show, Trump-deranged actor Robert De Niro praised Andrew Cuomo for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, neglecting to mention the New York Governor’s surging scandal of coronavirus nursing home deaths but condemning “idiot” President Trump for ignoring “many, many warnings” about the breakout.

“He’s doing what a president should do,” De Niro said, referring to the criminally incompetent Cuomo, whom he said he could envision being in the White House, or at least as a “very capable backup” to De Niro’s preferred candidate, Joe Biden.

Naturally, De Niro couldn’t resist taking a potshot at Trump: “We of course could have survived this much better if, uh, ‘idiot’ [Trump] had done the right thing, and listened and heeded all the warnings. There were many, many warnings. And we’re all paying for it now. It would have been bad in some ways but never like this. It’s appalling. It’s appalling,” he claimed.

Go ahead and vent, Robert. No one cares.

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