De Niro Harassment Plaintiff Gets Intimidating Text From Daughter

De Niro Harassment Plaintiff Gets Intimidating Text From Daughter

November 7, 2023

Fox News reports that actor and anti-Trump hysteric Robert De Niro‘s daughter allegedly sent an intimidating text to his former assistant as she testified in the ongoing gender discrimination trial against him.

Graham Chase Robinson’s legal team shared the text she received Sunday after she took the stand Thursday and Friday in court. The message seemingly came from one of De Niro’s daughters, according to the screenshot of the text that included the contact suggestion on the iPhone.

The text was read to the courtroom on Monday as day six began in the ongoing civil trial.

“You disgusting little beast,” the text, obtained by Fox News Digital, read. “You have nothing better to do with your pathetic life than destroy an 80-year-old man’s life for money. You piece of s–t. He lost a grandson only four months ago. Has to deal with a scumbag like you. Sickening. Hopefully you and your family will suffer, like you have made so many suffer.”

Robinson’s lawyers claimed they googled the phone number, and it did connect back to De Niro’s daughter.

“We think this is very serious, particularly given the timing that Ms. Robinson is on the stand, and certainly, in the context of other inadvertent contacts from other associates of the defense side,” Andrew Macurdy told the judge. “So we would ask for an instruction to Mr. De Niro and to Canal that no one from his family and no associates would be contacting Ms. Robinson whatsoever.”

De Niro’s lawyer told the judge he knew “nothing” about the text message and Monday was the “first time” he had heard about it.

“Doesn’t look good for DeNiro but that only matters if the jury gets to see it,” Devin McRae, litigator and name partner at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae, told Fox News Digital. “It doesn’t rise to witness intimidation and isn’t really probative of the gender discrimination claims, so it will probably not make its way into evidence. The plaintiff’s lawyers will argue that it corroborates her testimony of an abusive environment.”

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