De Blasio Threat: ‘Vast Majority Are Going to Get Vaccinated’

De Blasio Threat: ‘Vast Majority Are Going to Get Vaccinated’

December 15, 2021

During a “media availability” event on Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio boasted that most New York City workers seeking an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine will likely be denied, threatening that “the vast majority are going to get vaccinated.”

Roughly 12,000 city workers have sought exemptions, and an unsympathetic de Blasio proudly stated last month that “relatively few were granted.”

At Monday’s event, he noted, “We have started to see those reasonable accommodation requests work through. For folks who have been told after the whole process that they don’t get the accommodation, I think so far we’re seeing what we’ve seen before… They exhaust their options and if it doesn’t go their way, most people choose to get vaccinated.”

Yes, because they are forced to choose the vaccine or lose their jobs. This is not what the word “choice” means.

“As these get resolved, if someone gets the accommodation, they keep working. If they don’t, the vast majority are going to get vaccinated,” de Blasio threatened.

The left will brook precious little dissent or opting out of the vaccine because it’s an essential part of exploiting the pandemic to drive the populace into a system of totalitarian control.

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