De Blasio Declares NYC the ‘Safest Place to Be’ in the U.S.

De Blasio Declares NYC the ‘Safest Place to Be’ in the U.S.

November 10, 2021

During a press conference on Tuesday, incompetent, radical New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that New York City is the “safest place to be” in the United States due to vaccines, despite the fact the state as a whole has one of the highest daily average case rates in the entire country.

“We know vaccinations keep us safe. Vaccination’s what’s allowing us to move forward,” de Blasio claimed falsely. “New York City is now the safest place to be in the United States of America, because you went out and got vaccinated, because more people getting vaccinated every day, because the mandates are working and because now we can finally reach our five to eleven-year-olds,” he said, calling the latter “really great news for the kids of New York City.”

This is either insanity, delusion, or — more likely, considering he’s a Democrat — flat-out deceit. Throughout this manufactured pandemic, NYC has reported over 1 million coronavirus cases and over 34,000 fatalities. Its daily average of cases — both confirmed and probable — over the last seven days stands at 886, according to the New York Times’ tracker. Over the last 14 days, it has reported 21 hospitalizations and 5 deaths.

The state as a whole is reporting some of the highest case rates in the country, a daily average of 4,434 cases, or 23 per 100,000. That represents a 19% increase in cases in the last 14 days.

By contrast, red state Florida, which never had a mask mandate in place, and where vaccine mandates are continually being challenged by the Republican DeSantis administration, is reporting the lowest case rate per capita in the entire nation — seven. The represents a 21% decrease in cases over the last two weeks.

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