De Blasio Admits No Plan to Address 1st Responder Shortages

De Blasio Admits No Plan to Address 1st Responder Shortages

October 28, 2021

Power-hungry New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted to reporters on Wednesday that the city has no real plan to address potential first responder shortages due to the city’s vaccine mandate, which goes into full effect Friday afternoon.

Last week, de Blasio announced the final stretch of vaccine mandates for the remainder of city workers, including first responders. Those who fail to comply will be placed on unpaid leave.

Asked about the city’s contingency plan to address potential staff shortages, de Blasio blathered, “I don’t think it’s so much… about substitutes,” he said, claiming it is more about “overtime” and “shifting assignments to where there is particular need.”

“These are very agile organizations used to dealing with crisis. Used to dealing with natural disasters. They know plenty about how to make the right moves to keep everything going,” he said, essentially admitting there is no plan. Asked for more specifics on potential NYPD staffing shortages and projected overtime costs for offices out for not complying with the mandate, de Blasio said they are not looking at this from a budgetary point of view.

“Obviously, look, I’d like everyone who’s not yet vaccinated to get vaccinated by the end of Friday. If they don’t, they’re going off payroll,” he said.

Comply with this administration’s vaccine agenda or lose your livelihood, and to hell with the consequences for the public at large. That’s the Democrat way.

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