De Blasio ‘110% Convinced’ Vax Mandate the ‘Right Thing to Do’

De Blasio ‘110% Convinced’ Vax Mandate the ‘Right Thing to Do’

December 28, 2021

During a press briefing on Monday, far-left New York Mayor Bill de Blasio bragged about forcing vaccine mandates on private sector businesses, stating he is “110 percent convinced this was the right thing to do.”

“I obviously care deeply about the small businesses. They’ve been through a lot. But I’m also convinced that the most important thing to do for small business is to end the COVID era — get us out of this,” he said. “My job is to protect people, so I am 110 percent convinced this was the right thing to do. It remains the right thing to do, particularly with the ferocity of omicron.”

The omicron variant is not ferocious; it is mild and rarely, if ever, lethal. And the mayor’s job, the government’s job, is not to protect people but to insure their rights and liberty.

“This is what we need to do everywhere,” he said in an appearance on MSNBC. “Every mayor, every governor, every CEO in America should do vaccine mandates now because we have got — 2022 has to be the year we leave COVID behind. If we’re going to fix public safety, we actually have to first get out of the COVID era,” he added.

The draconian mandates Democrat leaders have imposed on Americans throughout the pandemic have brought nothing but widespread misery and economic disaster. There is no evidence whatsoever that these totalitarian mandates have resulted in the stemming of COVID or the saving of lives.

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