David Corn: GOP’s ‘War on Sex’ is About Controlling Women

David Corn: GOP’s ‘War on Sex’ is About Controlling Women

July 18, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s hate-mongering propaganda outlet The ReidOut, Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn claimed ridiculously that the Republican Party was waging a “war on sex” in order to control women with state abortion bans.

Corn said, “What we’re seeing with the Republican Party is as crazy as we thought it was. It’s getting even crazier after January 6th, and they used to talk about abortion bans, right, but with exceptions. Now they don’t want exceptions, and now they even want to deny what happens as a consequence of these bans. I mean, this is about theocracy, theology. It’s about controlling women. It’s a war on women. It’s a war on sex.”

Speaking of “getting crazier,” the thought that conservatives are waging a war on sex is one of the Left’s most laughable charges.

He ranted, “I think that this is how they see it. In a war, there are casualties, and a casualty may be a 10-year-old girl who has to be forced to give birth. They are not relenting here. They are not saying, oh, we need to rethink that these incidents really happened. They want to deny these incidents because they take away part of the moral foundation for these laws that they enthusiastically support, so they can’t allow them to be such cased, and they — they do want, in a Soviet way, PhotoShop them out of the picture out of the debate. It’s just a sign of how far extreme they have gone over a long journey of 70 years now or so.”

Every word of that screed is ludicrously false, in addition to the fact that the Left always falls back on the “rape-and-incest” argument when it comes to abortion rights. Not only are pregnancies from such incidents very rare, but the real reason the Left wants abortion without restrictions is as a sacrament to their summum bonum, the sexual liberty of the individual. Proof of this is the fact that no leftist will support abortion bans with exemptions for rape and incest. It’s the convenience abortions they want most of all.

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