David Brock Group Lies About Trump Jr. Crowd Size

David Brock Group Lies About Trump Jr. Crowd Size

October 8, 2019

American Bridge, a leftist group founded by David Brock, lied about the crowd size at a Donald Trump, Jr. event in Louisiana on Monday, according to Breitbart.

At the event there was a capacity crowd of 600+ people, but American Bridge posted a photo from hours beforehand to suggest that the rally had a low turnout.

“While the frauds at American Bridge posted pictures of an empty room before the rally even began, the pics we provided prove that the event drew an overflow crowd of over 600 people for a midday Monday rally,” said a Trump, Jr. spokesman. “After getting caught red-handed knowingly lying about this, how can anyone in the media ever trust anything from American Bridge again?” Ironically, Brock is also the founder of Media Matters for America, which purports to expose “conservative misinformation.”

“If American Bridge spent as much money on research as their founder David Brock spends on cocaine, they might not make mistakes like this,” said GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz.

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