Daughter of Sen. Feinstein, 90, Has Power of Attorney Over Her

Daughter of Sen. Feinstein, 90, Has Power of Attorney Over Her

August 4, 2023

Katherine Feinstein, the daughter of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), reportedly has power of attorney over the 90-year-old’s legal affairs as her health and cognition come under heightened scrutiny.

The New York Times first reported on Katherine Feinstein’s role as power of attorney in her mother’s legal affairs. At center stage is a dispute over the estate of Feinstein’s late husband, Richard Blum, as she and her daughter are in conflict with his three daughters.

Per the Times:

In one legal dispute, the family is fighting over what’s described as Senator Feinstein’s desire to sell a beach house in an exclusive neighborhood in Stinson Beach, north of San Francisco. In another disagreement, the two factions are at odds over access to the proceeds of Mr. Blum’s life insurance, which Senator Feinstein says she needs to pay for her growing medical expenses.

The news of Katherine Feinstein’s role in her mother’s legal affairs comes just a week after Feinstein appeared confused during a Senate Appropriations Committee vote, in which committee chair Patty Murray (D-WA) instructed her on how to vote.

After Murray called for a vote on the Defense Appropriations bill, the clerk called on Feinstein, who had the choice of saying “aye” or “no.” After an aide handed Feinstein a piece of paper, Murray told her, “Say aye.”

However, Feinstein began speaking about why she supported the bill, prompting the aide to return to her side and Murray to again direct her to “Just say ‘aye.’

“Okay. Aye,” Feinstein said, laughing. The aging senator missed more than 90 votes earlier this year during her health-related absence.

Democrats last year struggled to keep her cognitive decline a secret, the New York Times reported. When she returned to the Senate after her illness earlier this year and a reporter asked her about well wishes she had received from colleagues, she said, “I haven’t been gone.”

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