Dan Rather: America in the Grip of ‘Extreme Nationalism’

Dan Rather: America in the Grip of ‘Extreme Nationalism’

September 5, 2019

In an interview Thursday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, disgraced former CBS News anchor Dan Rather declared that the United States is in the grip of  “extreme nationalism.”

“We have our differences and President Trump has found it to his… advantage to exploit those differences,” Rather claimed. “We’re in danger of sliding from extreme nationalism into tribalism.”

Rather opined that America now is “a richer mix of religion, race, ethnicity, and that has caused a lot of fear in people, and this fear “is being exploited by any number of political leaders — including, I’m sorry to say, and there’s no joy in saying it, the president of the United States.”

This is a common argument of Democrats, that the fear and resentment of the left’s vaunted “diversity” turns white, working class conservatives racist and nativist. In fact, what concerns conservatives is the globalist left’s dismantling of our values, freedoms, prosperity and sovereignty.

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