Cuomo: We Never Had Extreme Weather Before Climate Change

Cuomo: We Never Had Extreme Weather Before Climate Change

November 2, 2019

On MSNBC’s Live Friday,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo curiously argued that his state of New York never experienced hurricanes, superstorms, and tornadoes prior to purportedly manmade “climate change.”

“Anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point,” Cuomo said. “We have seen in the state of New York what everyone has seen. We see these weather patterns that we never had before. We didn’t have hurricanes. We didn’t have superstorms. We didn’t have tornadoes. This is a storm that came up just overnight, dropped about five inches of rain, and it was literally a matter of life or death.”

Cuomo went on to describe a riverbank overflowing, concluding that “this is a recurring pattern, and anyone who is still in denial is making a very serious mistake.”

A quick search of the internet shows that 84 recorded hurricanes have struck New York since the 17th century, more in the 19th century than any other. Over 400 tornadoes have visited the state just since 1950, when records began.

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