Cuomo Warns Unvaccinated New Yorkers Could Kill Grandmas

Cuomo Warns Unvaccinated New Yorkers Could Kill Grandmas

May 5, 2021

At a press conference on Monday, lethally incompetent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had the nerve to warn residents in the state that if they are not vaccinated against COVID-19, they run the risk of “killing your grandmother.”

Cuomo stated that some youth in the state have “an attitude” regarding the vaccine and believe “they’ll be fine,” though there could be “lingering consequences.”

“Or maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother, and wind up killing your grandmother,” added Cuomo, whose policy for dealing with the coronavirus led directly to thousands of deaths of nursing home residents.

In March, it was reported that Cuomo’s aides rewrote a report from state health officials to hide 9,250 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Taking no responsibility for the scandal, Cuomo instead blamed the “toxic political environment” and “disinformation” for the new numbers.

“He has some nerve shaming others for possibly endangering their grandparents,” Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean said. “Over 15,000 elderly are no longer with us thanks in part to his deadly policy to re-admit infected patients into nursing homes. If anyone knows how to kill a grandma, it’s Andrew Cuomo.”

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