Cuomo Wants Trump to Order ‘Everyone to Wear a Mask’

Cuomo Wants Trump to Order ‘Everyone to Wear a Mask’

June 30, 2020

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday called on President Trump to sign an executive order “directing everyone to wear a mask” and to “lead by example” and wear one himself.

“To start simply, the president can do two things,” Cuomo told reporters on Monday. “First, sign an executive order directing everyone to wear a mask. How we’re at this point as a nation and we still haven’t done the simple, easy, minimal step of saying you must wear a mask when you are in public. And the president doesn’t have to pass a piece of legislation, doesn’t have to call the Congress. Just sign an executive order saying wear a mask.

“Governors who said, ‘We don’t need to do this, Masks don’t work,’  all the political nonsense we heard, now they’re doing a 180, and you have the same states now wearing masks. Let the president have the same sense and do that as an executive order.”

Cuomo, whose state is responsible for more coronavirus deaths than any other, is the last person we should be listening to about combating the virus.

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