Cuomo: Trump Refusal to Concede the ‘Height of Irresponsibility and Narcissism’

Cuomo: Trump Refusal to Concede the ‘Height of Irresponsibility and Narcissism’

November 14, 2020

Friday on CNN’s Situation Room, Governor Andrew Cuomo told host Wolf Blitzer that President Trump’s decision not to concede the presidential election to opponent Joe Biden was “the height of irresponsibility and narcissism.”

“That is his delusion. That is just his dislocation from reality,” Cuomo stated. “It’s shameful what he has done, Wolf. This transition was probably one of the most important transitions ever, right? We’re dealing with coronavirus. The numbers are going up. We have to have the Biden team hit the road running. There should be no gap in the baton pass. And for him not to have the Biden people in an orderly transition is just the height of irresponsibility and narcissism.”

Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Biden has not been officially declared the winner. That is the Democrats’ “dislocation from reality.”

He continued, “The states really did all the work, as you know, on COVID. All the president did was point to the states and said, ‘You’re in charge.” Fact check: this is a complete lie. “So we are working with the Biden administration. It’s shameful that he is still in denial. The numbers couldn’t be any clearer. And that he’s not doing a transition — it’s just inexcusable.”

He added,  “And then to try to cast doubt on our democracy and our electoral process with no evidence whatsoever, it’s just more division; more negativity that has corroded this country for four years.”

Typical Democrat projection. It is the left that has divided the country; Trump just exposed how deep the division is, and how much the activist news media has contributed to it. As for no evidence of voter fraud, this too is another hateful Cuomo lie: Trump’s team is amassing mountains of it and is going before the Supreme Court with it. What’s “shameful,” as Cuomo put it, is that the left is stealing the election and pushing the narrative that Biden has already won and that Trump is the usurper.

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