Cuomo: Trump ‘Fomented Hatred’ that Led to Shooting

Cuomo: Trump ‘Fomented Hatred’ that Led to Shooting

August 6, 2019

Monday on MSNBC’s Live, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed, along with every other leftist politician, that the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso over the weekend were directly linked to President Trump having “fomented hatred” through his rhetoric.

“What’s happening here is the president and the Republicans don’t want to pass laws that affect guns, period. The president said even today, mental illness and hatred pulled the trigger, not the gun. How absurd is that? The trigger is on the gun.” Yes, but the trigger doesn’t pull itself, Governor.

“Yes, hatred is a problem, and frankly, the height of hypocrisy for the president to blame hatred when the president has fomented hatred,” Cuomo blathered. Frankly, it is the height of hypocrisy for the Left to blame Trump when it is the fake news media and Democrat demagogues inciting hatred of, and open violence toward, Trump and his supporters.

“He calls the president of Mexico and offers condolences. He’s the one that said Mexicans are rapists and bringing drugs” – for the millionth time, Trump never said this – “and we’re surprised at the El Paso madman. But it’s not hatred or mental health alone. The second element is the gun. Hatred is the virus, the hypodermic needle that injects it into the body politic is the gun. They don’t want to pass gun laws, period.”

We already have gun laws. All laws will be ineffective against lawbreakers, who by definition break laws. Cuomo and other enemies of the Second Amendment use calls for more gun laws as a dogwhistle to their followers to signal their ulterior aim – gun confiscation.

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