Cuomo: Staffers Brought Coronavirus into Nursing Homes

Cuomo: Staffers Brought Coronavirus into Nursing Homes

June 24, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo defended his order that sent coronavirus patients into nursing homes and blamed the infections there on staffers bringing in the virus.

Asked if it was a mistake to issue the March 25 order to send people back into the nursing homes, Cuomo replied, “First, it was a — it was federal guidance that was put out, Willie… No, it wasn’t a mistake… And it’s very dangerous for the senior citizen to be in a hospital for two weeks: sepsis, secondary infections, etc..

“[T]he reason you had infections in the nursing homes [was] because the staff brought in the infection. And you look at the communities that had the high[est] infection rate overall, those are the communities that had nursing homes with a high infection rate. So, it is that the staff got infected, they came to work, and they brought in the infection.”

Just yesterday Cuomo was blaming nursing home deaths on the federal government. Apparently they are the fault of everyone except his own incompetence.

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