Cuomo Not Running for Prez: ‘This Is No Time for Politics’

Cuomo Not Running for Prez: ‘This Is No Time for Politics’

March 31, 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday at a press conference that he was not running for president in 2020 because “this is no time for politics.”

“I am not going to rise to the debate of a political challenge,” Cuomo said. “I am not running for president. I was never running for president. I said from day one I wasn’t running for president. A new poll shows that 87% of New Yorkers approve of Cuomo’s job performance, prompting speculation that this could position him for a run at the White House in November.

“I wouldn’t mind running against Andrew. I’ve known Andrew for a long time,” President Trump said on Fox and Friends Monday. “I wouldn’t mind that, but I’ll be honest: I think he’d be a better candidate than Sleepy Joe [Biden].” True, but that is a low bar.

“I thank the president because I take his comment as a compliment,” Cuomo said. “I am not engaging the president in politics. My only goal is to engage the president in partnership. This is no time for politics.” If only he could convince his fellow Democrats of that.

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