Cuomo: Knock on Doors, ‘Get that Vaccine in Their Arm’

Cuomo: Knock on Doors, ‘Get that Vaccine in Their Arm’

July 27, 2021

Lethally incompetent Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced in a press conference on Monday that his administration intends to get more people vaccinated against COVID-19 by knocking on doors, putting unvaccinated people in cars, and driving them to “get that vaccine in their arm.”

“I wear a mask because I care about you. I get a vaccine because I care about you,” Cuomo blathered, pretending that he cares, when in fact, what he and the left care about is . “We have to get back to work. We have to get back to work, and we have to get back to work now, and we have to spread this message or we’re going to spread the virus,” he continued.

“And we have to get in those communities, and we have to knock on those doors, and we have to convince people, and put them in a car and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm. That is the mission,” he added.

The real “mission” is to coerce those who are legitimately concerned about being compelled to accept an experimental vaccine to bend the knee to leftist power. If Democrats really cared about the spread of the virus, they would be stemming the infected tide of illegals crossing our southern border.

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