Cuomo: If You Love Someone, Stay Away on Thanksgiving

Cuomo: If You Love Someone, Stay Away on Thanksgiving

November 21, 2020

In an audio recording shared in a tweet on Thursday, dangerously incompetent Gov. Andrew Cuomo discouraged New Yorkers from spending Thanksgiving with loved ones, warning that a “safe zone” in your home is actually “dangerous” this year.

“It’s your family. It’s your home. It’s your table. These are all environments where you feel safe, and that is the beauty of Thanksgiving,” Cuomo said. “I’m at home with my family. I’m in my safe zone. Your safe zone is not your safe zone. Your safe zone is dangerous this year. Please. Love is sometimes doing what’s hard. This year, if you love someone, it is smarter and better to stay away.”

If you love someone, ignore the totalitarian dictats of Democrat control freaks like Cuomo and other Democrat local leaders, and celebrate this Thanksgiving in their company while simply using common sense and thorough hygiene to avoid the coronavirus.

Cuomo put a ten-person limit to gatherings in private residences for the holiday, urging law enforcement to enforce the restriction: “I need the local governments to enforce this.” But some law enforcement officers, including Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino, have rightly stated they will not enforce Cuomo’s order. Giardino noted that he “does not have the authority… to go crashing into your house because of an executive order.”

The Sheriff added, “In the spirit of cooperation and conciliation, I offer the governor to come to Fulton County and do a ride along on Thanksgiving Day for an hour with us and we can stop at some houses where there’s multiple cars and he can show us how we are supposed to approach people and counting your numbers.”

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