Cuomo: I Wouldn’t Allow a Large Political Rally in New York

Cuomo: I Wouldn’t Allow a Large Political Rally in New York

June 19, 2020

In CNN’s coronavirus town hall on Thursday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reacted to President Trump’s planned rally in Oklahoma by declaring he wouldn’t allow a large political rally in his own state.

Asked if he would allow such a rally “in these circumstances, in this time,” Cuomo replied, “No, no. Look, the president’s position all along has been a political position. His position was, you know, this is a virus, it’s a flu, don’t worry about it, reopen the economy… The states that are doing that are seeing the virus go up and seeing their hospitals fill up, and their ICU beds fill up, and that’s going to, not only hurt the economy, it’s going to cause more Americans to die.”

He later added that Trump “still insists that we shouldn’t be careful, we shouldn’t follow the science, don’t worry about the public health, have a political arena.”

Cuomo’s politicized incompetence makes him personally responsible for the state with the most coronavirus deaths in the country. And the left doesn’t seem to care about public health when mass leftwing protests, riots, and looting ravage the nation.

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