Cuomo: ‘Bring the Arts Back’ to Save New York Economy

Cuomo: ‘Bring the Arts Back’ to Save New York Economy

January 13, 2021

During his State of the State address on Tuesday, New York’s lethally incompetent Governor Andrew Cuomo has suddenly decided that draconian coronavirus lockdowns are unsustainable for the economy, and so he plans to boost it by bringing back the arts.

“We must accelerate the return of the arts…” said Cuomo. “New York City is not New York without Broadway, and with Zoom, many people have learned they can do business from anywhere. Compound the situation with growing crime and homelessness, and we have a national urban crisis. We must bring culture and arts back to life. Almost no one has been hurt more by COVID than our artists.”

“One thing is clear, we must act. We cannot wait until summer to turn the lights back on for the artists,” added Cuomo. “We will not let the curtain fall on their careers.” Toward that end, he is launching the “New York Arts Revival, a public-private partnership to bring the arts back” through a series of pop-up performances and arts events across the state. More than 150 world class artists, including Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Renée Fleming, Wynton Marsalis, and Hugh Jackman will participate.”

If you’re not a celebrity, though, don’t get your hopes up about the future of the economy. “The reality is not all businesses will reopen and not all jobs are coming back as they were,” Cuomo conceded.

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