Cullors Renovates Backyard of Luxurious $1.4M L.A. Mansion

Cullors Renovates Backyard of Luxurious $1.4M L.A. Mansion

October 10, 2022

Black Lives Matter (BLM) cofounder Patrisse Cullors has been busy making pricey renovations to the backyard of her luxurious $1.4 million mansion, according to a report from the Daily Mail, showing that “trained Marxist” Cullors has installed a brand-new sauna, garden, plunge pool, concrete steps, a children’s swing and slide set, and a trampoline outside her ritzy house located in the upscale Topanga Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles.

This is not the first time she has upgraded the home, as she reportedly installed a $35,000 fence around the property in June 2021.

Cullors had purchased four homes since 2016 in California and Georgia for a total of worth $3.2 million, among them the Topanga Canyon compound, which she paid for in cash under the entity name “Abolitionist Entertainment, LLC” in March 2021.

After facing mounting criticism over missed funds, she resigned from BLM in May 2021 — one month after it was revealed she had purchased the Topanga Canyon home. Cullors claimed to have bought the homes to support her family and blamed “right-wing media” for highlighting her spending habits on luxurious homes.

Race hustling is lucrative work if you can get it.

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