Cullors Calls for ‘Abolished’ Criminal Justice System

Cullors Calls for ‘Abolished’ Criminal Justice System

April 27, 2021

In a video posted to her Instagram page on Thursday, Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors urged people to “fight” for an “abolished” criminal justice system after the murder trial of George Floyd and the police-involved shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant.

“The verdict of George Floyd’s murder was a victory in accountability but not a victory towards abolition” of the criminal justice system. “While we watched Derek Chauvin be convicted for murder, a black child named Ma’Khia Bryant was murdered by police, proving there is no justice. We must fight for abolition because in an abolitionist world, we would still have George Floyd and Ma’Khia Bryant,” Cullors added.

Actually, the murder conviction in the Floyd case was not a victory but a perversion of justice, because evidence presented in trial proved that Chauvin did not kill Floyd, who died of a drug overdose. And the “black child” Bryant was an adult-sized 16-year-old on the verge of plunging a kitchen knife into another black teen before a quick-acting cop shot to save the other girl’s life. She was not murdered — she was prevented from murdering.

The Marxist revolutionary Cullors wants an America in which there is literally no law enforcement. The reality of this insane idea is that it would result in an America in which law-abiding, inner-city blacks are at the mercy of ruthless gangs and drug dealers who control entire cities.

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