Cuellar: When Title 42 Goes Away, Border Cities Will Bus Migrants Again

Cuellar: When Title 42 Goes Away, Border Cities Will Bus Migrants Again

December 8, 2022

Wednesday on the Fox News Channel’s Your World, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) stated that when Title 42 is removed, there will be “large numbers of people coming in” — and his home city of Laredo is planning to bus migrants that are released into the city to someplace else.

Cuellar said, “I know the White House is tying Homeland Security. There [are] a lot of career people there that know what job needs to be done. The White House is paying attention only to the immigration activists. But who’s paying attention to the men and women in green and blue, and who’s paying attention to our communities on the border? And when Title 42 goes away, I’m telling you, you’re going to see large numbers of people coming in.”

Yes, that is precisely what Cuellar’s party wants — massive numbers of illegal migrants flooding the border nonstop.

“My city mayor in Laredo has already — is asking for monies because his plan is to do what he did before,” Cuellar continued. “That is, get the migrants that are going to be released in Laredo, put them in a bus, and send them somewhere else. So, the local communities are already preparing to send out buses like they’ve done in the past and some cities are doing right now.”

Cuellar needs to take his complaint to his fellow Democrat Joe Biden — the President overseeing this border calamity — because Biden and his puppeteers behind the scenes are responsible.

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