Cruz : Sherrod Brown ‘Complete Ass’ for Mask-Shaming in Senate

Cruz : Sherrod Brown ‘Complete Ass’ for Mask-Shaming in Senate

November 18, 2020

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Sen. Sherrod Brown on Monday for acting like “a complete ass” after the Ohio Democrat asked Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan, who was presiding over the Senate, to wear a coronavirus mask.

“I start by asking the presiding officer to wear a mask as he speaks and people below him are — I can’t tell you what to do, but I know that the behavior—” said Brown when he took to the Senate floor.

“I don’t wear a mask when I’m speaking, like most senators,” Sullivan responded. “I don’t need your instruction.”

“I know you don’t need my instruction, but there clearly isn’t much interest in this body in public health,” Brown lectured. “We have a president who hasn’t shown up at the coronavirus task force meeting in months. We have a majority leader who calls us back here to vote on an unqualified nominee and, at the same time, to vote for judge after judge after judge, exposing all the people who can’t say anything … and expose all the staff here. The majority leader just doesn’t seem to care,” Brown added.

“This is idiotic. Sherrod Brown is being a complete ass. He wears a mask to speak—when nobody is remotely near him—as an ostentatious sign of fake virtue,” Cruz subsequently wrote on Twitter, adding that Sullivan “was over 50 feet away” as the Democrat made his request. “Last I checked 50 feet is more than 6 feet.”

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