Critical Race Theory Activist Appointed to Dept of Education

Critical Race Theory Activist Appointed to Dept of Education

October 8, 2021

Despite growing nationwide outrage from parents angry about schoolchildren being indoctrinated with the racist ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT), a CRT activist and racial radical has appointed to the position of Special Assistant in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Communications and Outreach.

Precious McKesson, Chair of the Nebraska Democrat Black Caucus, recently co-wrote an op-ed for the Lincoln Journal Star to oppose a measure to ban Critical Race Theory from being taught at the University of Nebraska. According to McKesson, it is such attempts to stop the dissemination of the CRT lies that “create[s] a wedge between white communities and communities of color, making us the villain.”

Fact check: CRT activists are villains.

“Denying our factual history as communities of color is like denying we existed,” McKesson and her comrades blathered.

Republican Study Committee Chair Rep. Jim Banks said of McKesson’s appointment, “The Biden administration claims CRT doesn’t exist, then appoints a CRT activist to the Department of Education and sics the FBI on parents who oppose their poisonous ideology.”

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