Crackdown Reduces MS-13’s Criminal Activity in NY

Crackdown Reduces MS-13’s Criminal Activity in NY

December 31, 2018

Fox News reports that the ongoing state and Trump administration crackdown against MS-13 in their New York area strongholds has taken such a toll on the gang that they’ve only been linked to a single murder there in 2018.

“Suffolk County has waged war against MS-13 and our comprehensive strategy to eradicate this violent gang from Long Island is working,” the Suffolk County Police Department said in a statement Monday. “This dramatic reduction is a result of great policing, expanded community outreach and leveraging governmental partnerships to bring in additional resources to combat gang violence.”

Trump vowed last year to “liberate our towns” from MS-13’s grip. He has a made a crackdown on the gang one of the focal points of his administration.


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