Cotton to Bezos: Why’d Amazon Cancel Clarence Thomas Docu

Cotton to Bezos: Why’d Amazon Cancel Clarence Thomas Docu

April 30, 2021

Friday on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos needs to explain why the Big Tech giant removed a documentary about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from its streaming service.

“Isn’t it a remarkable double standard that you can go on Amazon and get a documentary about the Weather Underground — a left-wing terrorist organization that firebombs buildings across our country? But you can’t get a documentary about one of the most courageous uplifting stories of a public man in recent American history,” Cotton noted.

“Amazon just inexplicably pulled this documentary about Clarence Thomas in the middle of Black History Month without any explanation,” he added. “So I and several other senators have written Jeff Bezos seeking answers on why this happened.”

In a letter to Bezos, Cotton and 18 other Republican senators contrasted Amazon’s cancellation of Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, with the company’s hosting of documentaries celebrating left-wing domestic terrorists. They wrote:

Elsewhere in Amazon Prime’s movie descriptions, Amazon celebrates the FBI’s most wanted terrorist Joanne Chesimard, who murdered a state trooper in cold blood, as a “fantastic feminine freedom fighter” and hails the Weather Underground — a literal terrorist group — as “radical politics at its best[.]” Both films remain available for streaming today.

These decisions suggest that Amazon removes documentaries that feature conservatives while keeping documentaries that celebrate criminals and terrorists. And despite repeated inquiries by media outlets, the filmmakers, and would-be viewers, Amazon appears to have made no effort to explain otherwise.

On Thursday, Cotton tweeted, “Amazon’s decision to pull Justice Thomas’ documentary from their streaming service makes it clear Amazon isn’t concerned with ‘Amplifying Black Voices,’ they’re only concerned with ‘Amplifying Liberal Black Voices.’”

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