Cory Booker Drops Out of 2020 White House Race

Cory Booker Drops Out of 2020 White House Race

January 13, 2020

White House contender Cory “Spartacus” Booker declared on Monday that he was bowing out of the 2020 presidential race, and partly blamed the impeachment of President Trump for his decision.

“It was a difficult decision to make, but I got in this race to win, and I’ve always said I wouldn’t continue if there was no longer a path to victory,” Booker wrote in an email to supporters. “Our campaign has reached the point where we need more money to scale up and continue building a campaign that can win — money we don’t have, and money that is harder to raise because I won’t be on the next debate stage and because the urgent business of impeachment will rightly be keeping me in Washington.

“So I’ve chosen to suspend my campaign now, take care of my wonderful staff, and give you time to consider the other strong choices in the field.”

Booker’s exit leaves the diversity-obsessed Democrats with essentially only old white people as candidates. Not very “woke” of them.

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