Cornel West: Trump is a ‘Fascist Frankenstein’

Cornel West: Trump is a ‘Fascist Frankenstein’

July 23, 2019

On CNN last Friday, race-baiting academic Cornel West called President Trump a “fascist Frankenstein” who is becoming the “American version of a Hitler and a Mussolini.”

“We have to be clear, though. This is not just a matter of Trump as racist, and I was sad to see the Democratic Party couldn’t just call him a racist but say his words are racist,” said West. “This is weak for me, but Donald Trump, brother Trump is at this moment becoming the American version of a Hitler and a Mussolini. Republicans, across the board, they have adjusted themselves to a profoundly unjust, proto-fascist way of being in the world in terms of being lawless, hiding and concealing, rationalizing this kind of unadulterated raw hatred.”

West added that this is a “very historic and pivotal moment in the history of this nation” because “this democratic experiment” could “come to an end.” In fact, the real threat to “this democratic experiment” is this sort of hyperbolic, inflammatory rhetoric about fascism and Hitler hurled incessantly at Trump and conservatives by the radical Left.

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