Cornel West: ‘Hit the Streets’ to Fight White Supremacy

Cornel West: ‘Hit the Streets’ to Fight White Supremacy

October 24, 2019

On CNN Tonight Tuesday, Marxist “intellectual” Cornel West urged “black folk” to “hit the streets” in protest if President Trump is not held accountable for things like calling the impeachment inquiry a “lynching.”

Asked if there is a difference between Clarence Thomas using the word versus Trump, West replied, “The difference is that Thomas and people who are beautifully black like him have been the victims disproportionately as opposed to a vanilla brother or a vanilla sister. But [Trump’s] still wrong. Because it allows the use of the term to become so normalized that you act as if it was not tied to crimes against humanity, forms of American terrorism, and linked to slavery.

“We black folk have never looked white supremacy in the eye and didn’t come out fighting at our best… This is why if things don’t work the way the system is we got to hit the streets, we’ve got to go to jail,” he added.

There is no more marginalized, politically impotent force in this country than white supremacy. But race-baiters like West have a vested interest in hyping the threat.


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