Cori Bush Shouts ‘Your Bills Are Racist!’ at GOP Leader Scalise in House Chamber

Cori Bush Shouts ‘Your Bills Are Racist!’ at GOP Leader Scalise in House Chamber

July 28, 2023

Radical Rep. Cori Bush yelled “your bills are racist!” while Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) spoke in the House chamber on Thursday.

The outburst came after the GOP-led House passed the first of 12 annual appropriations bills, and Scalise announced the lower chamber would be heading into summer recess at the end of the day.

During a back-and-forth with House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA), Scalise got interrupted by the shout, “Your bills are racist!”

The chamber quickly erupted with a chorus of boos and calls for the House to get back to order. Multiple news outlets identified Bush as the culprit, and she owned up to it with an unapologetic post to Twitter, saying, “I said what I said,” along with a shrugging emoji but no justification for her ugly smear.

Clark went on to speak about the effort to pass spending legislation, claiming falsely that the bills were hateful and bigoted.

“We hope that you will say no to extremism, to hatred, to bigotry that is put into these appropriation bills, and say yes to solutions and fairness for the American people and to build an economy where they can see themselves,” she blathered in her remarks.

The House approved by a 219-211 vote a spending bill to fund military construction, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and related agencies in fiscal year 2024.

“Every single House Democrat just voted AGAINST funding the Veterans Affairs Department and veterans’ benefits,” Scalise tweeted. “Thankfully Republicans were there to pass the bill to fully fund the VA and give our veterans the benefits they deserve.”

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