Cori Bush: Lawmakers Who Met with Rioters Should Be Expelled

Cori Bush: Lawmakers Who Met with Rioters Should Be Expelled

October 27, 2021

Monday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, Rep. Cori Bush told racist propaganda host Joy Reid that any Republican lawmakers who met with people involved in the January 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol should be expelled from Congress and investigated.

Reid asked, “Do you believe based on what we know from the conversations members may or may not have been having with the White House and team, do you believe people like Marjorie Taylor Greene should be expelled?”

Bush said, “Absolutely. She should be expelled and any other Congress member, especially in the House. You know, the day of the insurrection, sitting barricaded in my office with my team, we put together a bill, HRS 25, to investigate and expel those members of Congress who participated in any way to overturn the election results and then also the actual insurrection.”

Fact checks: there was no insurrection, nor was there any effort to “overturn” the election, but to honor the legitimate results of a fraudulent election.

She continued, “The fact that we have people like Josh Hawley, the senator from my state that represents my district, to put his fist up to those folks. They weren’t protesters. Those folks were insurrectionists.”

Fact check: false. They were protesters, not insurrectionists.

She added, “They need to be investigated and expelled, and whatever else should happen to them, I’m all for it because they put the lives of people in danger.”

Fact check: the only person endangered during the January 6 chaos was one of the protesters (not “insurrectionists”), an unarmed woman who was shot dead by Capitol police.

Fact check: Cori Bush is a far-left, race-mongering demagogue pushing the Big Lie that the 2020 election was legitimate and that the protesters of January 6 are domestic terrorists. Like her fellow Democrats, she has no qualms about lying and cheating to seize and maintain power for her Party.

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