Cori Bush Claims GOP Pushes ‘Racist’ Immigration Agenda

Cori Bush Claims GOP Pushes ‘Racist’ Immigration Agenda

February 2, 2023

During the first House Judiciary Committee hearing on illegal crossings at the southern border, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, smeared Republicans as trying to pursue a “racist” immigration agenda in Congress.

Bush claimed that she was there to speak “in opposition to any racist agenda pursued by Republicans,” and that even the hearing, which was meant to examine border security, national security, and the fentanyl impact on Americans, was designed to “amplify the anti-immigrant hysteria and right-wing conspiracy theories.”

“The Republican position on immigration is to inflict as much cruelty as possible on people fleeing suffering and persecution. As Democrats, we need to recognize this reality and refuse to be a part of it,” Bush lied.

Additionally, while opposing the administration’s expansion of title 42, the Democrat added, “These lawless and inhumane policies deny the right to asylum while failing to address any of the underlying structural problems of our immigration system.”

She also ludicrously claimed that Republicans were responsible for the border crisis:

Republicans want to talk about Biden’s border crisis but the reality is, we have a broken immigration system because Republicans want us to, so they can hold these hearings to mask the fact that they have no affirmative agenda that actually helps people, so they can spew their lies about immigrants bringing fit in all across the border while exploiting victims and refusing to support investments in public health and addiction treatment so they can take out their anger and insecurities on the most vulnerable. History will not look kindly on those, those politicians.

Republicans, such as Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and others, shrugged off the racism charges and stayed focused on the Democrats’ catastrophic open-borders obsession.

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