Condescending Kamala Mocked for Using French Accent in Paris

Condescending Kamala Mocked for Using French Accent in Paris

November 11, 2021

Utterly incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris was roundly and rightly mocked Wednesday for adopting a bad French accent while speaking to scientists at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France.

“With us in government, we campaign with ‘The Plan,’” Harris said, waving her arms about and exaggerating the words “the plan” as if imitating badly French-accented English. “Uppercase T, Uppercase P. ‘The Plan.’”

Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) press secretary Abigail Marone responded by writing on Twitter, “Is she using a FRENCH ACCENT?! I love this episode of Veep,” referring to a TV show about a fictional female vice president.

“Cringe,” a Republican National Committee staffer tweeted, criticizing Kamala for speaking condescendingly to scientists as “if they’re toddlers.”

Tsar Becket Adams wrote on Twitter that he thought “we cancelled pepe lepew,” referring to the old cartoon show featuring a stereotypically French cat.

Media member Joe Concha said of Kamala’s embarrassing performance, “There really are no words anymore… #AuRevoir.”

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