Rep. Cohen: ‘Hard’ to Serve with GOP So ‘Attached to Guns’

Rep. Cohen: ‘Hard’ to Serve with GOP So ‘Attached to Guns’

March 28, 2023

Monday on MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) said it is “hard” for him to serve in Congress with some Republicans who are “part of the danger” of mass shooting because they are “attached to guns.”

Tur asked, “We saw Representative Andrew Clyde from Georgia who was distributing those AR-15 pins, the rifle pins, that’s him again to a lot of members who were wearing them on the House floor, including George Santos of New York and Anna Paulina Luna of Florida. They were wearing them, you can see. I don’t understand what might make you rethink your position if it’s not going to be dead kids.”

Cohen said, “Dead kids didn’t work in Newtown, dead kids didn’t work in Sandy Hook, dead kids didn’t really work in Uvalde. The NRA works. Their political power, the money they make, gun manufacturers’ money, that’s what pushes the NRA. It’s just horrific to think that the congresspeople won’t adjust their thinking  and do better.”

He continued, “Thoughts and prayers, that’s fine but you got to do more than prayer. You got to get guns out of these people’s hands and out of their access. You’re not going to stop all the killings, but you’ll stop some of them.”

Cohen added, “Right now in Congress it’s pathetic. It’s hard for me to serve up there now with some of the people I have to serve with. They’re part of the danger. They could go — I’m not going to get into that — it’s just that they are so attached to guns and there’s no hope on them.”

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