CNN’s Cuomo: Trump’s COVID Spin a ‘Bunch of Bullsh*t’

CNN’s Cuomo: Trump’s COVID Spin a ‘Bunch of Bullsh*t’

October 6, 2020

Monday on his CNN show, Chris Cuomo said President Trump’s return to the White House was “a bunch of bullshit!” staged only as a “scene” for a campaign ad.

“There he is, hair blowing majestically, reshooting the scene for his own ad. ‘I hold rallies, and I tell you to ignore masks, and I rip mine off as I vanquish the virus, for I am a leader. Fear not, COVID!’ What a bunch of bullshit!” a broken Cuomo fumed.

“He didn’t beat the virus,” an unhinged Cuomo continued. “He is not better than anybody who didn’t beat the virus or takes time. He is not stronger than I am. He got every advantage. He has use of all the things he denies the rest of us. He is supposed to get tested every day with the test that you can turn around quickly and know what’s going on. Did he do them? Did he even use what’s at his disposal that the rest of us are desperate for? That our kids need in our classes that he does not discuss? No.”

One of the greatest achievements of the Trump presidency is not only that he has drawn the vile bias of the purportedly objective mainstream media out into the light of day, but that he has broken these political activists. They spend every day onscreen wallowing in apoplectic anger for the whole world to see.

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