CNN’s Cuomo Ignores Brother’s Scandal, Slams the Unvaxed

CNN’s Cuomo Ignores Brother’s Scandal, Slams the Unvaxed

August 4, 2021

Tuesday on CNN’s Cuomo Primetime, blowhard host Chris Cuomo chose to open his show by ignoring the bombshell report on the sexual misconduct of his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, instead whining that vaccinated people have had “their rights to work and live as they want infringed upon” by the unvaccinated.

“The vaccinated are the victims, and remember who the vaccinated are,” Cuomo blathered. “We talk about the unvaccinated all the time, and rightly so, but remember, this is about the tyranny of a minority.”

The tyranny of a minority. That is the left’s narrative now, to demonize vaccine skeptics as tyrants for defying government and media coercion to accept an experimental drug for a virus with a 99% survival rate.

“The majority of this country, people from left and right and center and north and south, all places, all faces, the majority have taken the step to protect themselves and others…” he ranted. “So, that’s the majority, and that majority has had their rights to work and live as they want infringed upon, in significant part, because of those who have failed to do the same and help this virus change into what it is now, the Delta variant.”

In fact, the rights of Americans are being infringed upon not by the unvaccinated, but by the totalitarian leftists in power who impose draconian lockdowns, mask mandates, and demands to accept an experimental drug, all based on ever-changing, self-contradictory pronouncements from politically-driven, globalist entities like the Centers for Disease Control and liars like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

But Chris Cuomo carries water for those totalitarians, so you won’t hear that perspective, just like you won’t hear about his brother’s sexual harassment scandal.

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