CNN’s Axelrod: Trump Campaign Strategy ‘Insane’

CNN’s Axelrod: Trump Campaign Strategy ‘Insane’

October 20, 2020

Monday on CNN’s The Situation Room, political analyst David Axelrod said President Trump was acting “insane” on the campaign trail and is facing a landslide defeat.

Asked by Wolf Blitzer about Trump’s attack on COVID advisor Dr. Fauci, Axelrod replied, “I’ve spoken to people on both sides today, and everybody agrees that this is an insane strategy… He goes to Wisconsin, a state that has 20,000 new cases in the past week, and he talks down the coronavirus, and then today, he spent the day campaigning against Fauci… It is nuts.”

“He is essentially nine or ten points behind two weeks out,” Axelrod added. “That is more than twice the margin that he was behind last time, and he is not the plucky challenger here. He is now an embattled incumbent in the midst of a pandemic that’s getting worse… I think at this point it is far likelier that he is going to suffer an electoral landslide than it is that he will reach 270 electoral votes.”

Axelrod’s assessment is wildly out of touch with the surging enthusiasm for Trump Americans are seeing across the country. Meanwhile Biden hides out at home.

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