CNN Investigating Jeff Zucker’s Unethical Ties to Andrew Cuomo

CNN Investigating Jeff Zucker’s Unethical Ties to Andrew Cuomo

February 8, 2022

According to John Nolte at Breitbart News, an internal CNN investigation into the inappropriate relationship between former CNN chief Jeff Zucker and his communications direct at CNN, Allison Gollust, has expanded to include disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), who exploited the relationship and his brother Chris Cuomo‘s anchor position at the network to pave the way for a presidential run against Donald Trump.

“We all saw CNN cover up Andrew’s serial scandals,” Nolte writes. “We all saw CNN discredit Andrew’s critics. During the early days of COVID, when Andrew was funneling scarce and crucial testing resources to friends and family and pouring infection into vulnerable nursing homes,  we all saw CNN give Andrew countless hours of primetime to burnish his image…

“Everyone at CNN — everyone — whored out their credibility to benefit Andrew Cuomo and did so willingly because everyone at CNN knew about the four-way…” Nolte continues. “Everyone at CNN knew about Gollust’s ties to Andrew Cuomo. But no one at CNN refused to participate in CNN’s obscene misinformation campaign to make Andrew Cuomo president…

“The bottom line is this,” Nolte writes. “Everyone at CNN not only remained silent as this unethical behavior and breathtaking conflict of interest raged on; everyone at CNN participated in the sleazy affair by eagerly boosting and shielding Andrew Cuomo. All of them are complicit… because they all knew about the conflict of interest and still agreed to service this conflict of interest.”

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