CNN Blowhard Cuomo Slams Pompeo For ‘Doing Putin’s Work’

CNN Blowhard Cuomo Slams Pompeo For ‘Doing Putin’s Work’

June 17, 2021

Wednesday on CNN’s Cuomo Primetime, faux tough-guy host Chris Cuomo delivered an unhinged rant in which he blasted former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for “doing [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s work of division.”

“Of course, Putin’s work of weakening our country is being done for him, right?” Cuomo began. “By the rabid right. Another sign of how pathetic our politics are. Trumpers who sat quiet while Trump tossed this country under the bus with… Putin in Helsinki, he threw us under the bus. They said nothing. Now they say, Biden isn’t being tough enough on Putin.”

After playing a clip of Pompeo criticizing Biden for not being tough enough on Putin at the recent G7 summit, Cuomo ranted, “You want to be a leader and you’re going to lie to Americans’ faces like that about how Biden didn’t say anything strong enough, when you let Trump say that he says he believes Putin more than his own intel, and you said nothing?

“Come on. I mean, come on,” the anger management failure continued. “When is it enough for you guys? When are you going to say this game’s got to stop? We all know it’s a game, we all know it’s BS and we don’t allow it in any other part of our life, we’re not going to allow it in this part. Because this part matters. You remember Pompeo saying, I have seen proof of the origin of COVID. I have seen what happened in the Wuhan lab. And then what? He dummied up. Where was the proof? But now he believes in tough, now he believes in follow-through. They are doing Putin’s work of division. They’re even spewing some of the same talking points now, Putin and these pawns of Trump. Black Lives Matter movement, arrests of Capitol rioters. Same thing.”

This incoherent outburst is Cuomo’s desperate way of deflecting from Biden’s diplomatic debacle at the summit. Pompeo was right: Biden showed the world he can’t stand up to Putin.

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