CNN: Biden Comes From Era of Racist Paternalism

CNN: Biden Comes From Era of Racist Paternalism

September 16, 2019

On CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, commentator Aisha Moodie-Mills dismissed presidential frontrunner Joe Biden as coming from an era of “racist paternalism.”

“I very much believe that Joe Biden is a good man and that his heart is pure,” Moodie-Mills argued. “But the problem though is that he is a white man of a certain era in this country…

“It doesn’t seem he has a real deep grasp on the structural racism in this country,” she continued, “and how even his own policies from mass incarceration is one that we can just start off talking about, his views on busing that he still doesn’t seem to be able to understand really how that impacts people socially and otherwise, and the outcomes that black Americans are experiencing right now, that it seems to me that he constantly makes these gaffes which are out of touch with where we are today because he comes from an era of this, like, racist paternalism in public policymaking…”

As Biden struggles with gaffes on the campaign trail and in debates, the radicals in his own party are beginning to view him as a liability.

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