Clyburn Won’t ‘Pass Judgment’ on Swalwell’s Ties to Chinese Spy

Clyburn Won’t ‘Pass Judgment’ on Swalwell’s Ties to Chinese Spy

December 22, 2020

Monday on the Fox News Channel’s Your World, Rep. James Clyburn responded to questions about Rep. Eric Swalwell’s alleged ties to a Chinese spy, saying he had “absolutely no idea” what the host was talking about and that he’s “not going to pass judgment” on his Democrat colleague.

Host Neil Cavuto asked if Swalwell should leave the House Intelligence Committee “until we get to the bottom of these alleged ties to this Chinese spy,” and Clyburn instantly turned the conversation to an attack on President Trump: “I don’t know about the committee. But I know that this president has some ties to Putin. He has some ties to Russia. This president is so deferential to Russia until –”

Cavuto interrupted, pressing for an answer, and Clyburn feigned ignorance and again went on the attack, “I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You’re talking about appearances. Just because somebody said something doesn’t make it so. What — how many lies has this president told? And a lot of his minions are just making stuff up.”

Cavuto again cut in to ask if Clyburn thinks Swalwell should stay on the committee until an investigation has been conducted, and Clyburn continued to waffle: “Allegations are allegations. I have no idea what you’re talking about. And so, I’m not going to pass judgment on what Swalwell should or should not do when I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I took the president at his word. And when the president says he believes Putin over his own intelligence people, I’m taking him at his word. If Swalwell would tell me he believes Chinese over our intelligence people, I would say the same thing about him.”

Democrats never apologize, never admit fault, and never stop going on offense. They have spent four years falsely accusing Trump of Russian collusion with zero evidence, and yet Clyburn covers for the slimy Swalwell, who has been clearly caught in a Chinese espionage honey trap.

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