Clyburn: We’ll Be Guided by the CBO — Biden’s ‘Not an Expert’

Clyburn: We’ll Be Guided by the CBO — Biden’s ‘Not an Expert’

November 18, 2021

Wednesday on CNN’s New Day, Rep. James Clyburn stated that, regarding the Build Back Better reconciliation bill, the White House and Democrats will “be guided by what” the Congressional Budget Office says, because “even the president’s not an expert.”

Clyburn said the White House and Democrats promised that the bill will be paid for, but “we don’t know what the CBO will determine. We have determined that it will be paid for. We have determined that no taxes will be raised on anybody under $400,000 a year. We have determined that we will raise taxes on more wealthy people to pay for it. Now, if CBO comes back and has some other determination, that’s something we’ll have to deal with at the time. But they’re the experts, we’ll be guided by what they say, but that’s not what we think.”

He added, “There’s always a difference in what those of us who are not experts in this sort of thing, we may project something and that’s what we’re projecting. Even the president’s not an expert in CBO scoring standards, and we know what happens with CBO. They take what may be happening over at point A and how it will affect point Z and everything in between, and we don’t do that kind of analysis every time. What we try to do is use our best knowledge to project what our taxes will bring in and what expenditures will go out, and sometimes you may miss something in between. And that’s why we have CBO, to give us their best knowledge and then we’ll be guided by that. That’s exactly why they exist.”

Anyone who believes that the Biden Build Back Better Boondoggle will raise taxes only on the rich and “cost nothing” to anyone else is delusional. This bill will further destroy the middle class that the left is trying to cripple.

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