Clyburn: Trump’s Election Result Challenge is ‘Attempted Coup’

Clyburn: Trump’s Election Result Challenge is ‘Attempted Coup’

December 8, 2020

Tuesday on CNN’s New Day, House Majority Whip James Clyburn claimed ludicrously that Trump is attempting to “overthrow our government” via a “coup” by contesting the fraudulent 2020 presidential election results.

“Well, let me just say this: this is an attempt to overthrow our government,” Clyburn ranted. “You may not call it a coup, but this is an attempted coup. Now, some people say he is trying to steal the election. He is not trying to steal the election. That denotes some kind of unknown activity when you are stealing. No. That’s not what he’s doing. He is in your face trying to overthrow the will of the people.”

Trump is not trying to steal the election — that is true. The Democrats are the ones stealing the election and thwarting the will of the people. Trump is contesting that.

“Right here on your network, I said three years ago that this man did not plan to give up this White House,” Clyburn continued to blather. “Don Lemon asked me did I compare him to Hitler. I said, no, I compare him to Mussolini. And if you go back and look the night before he gave his State of the Union address in 2018, that’s what I said then because I saw it coming. And that’s what he’s doing here.”

No, he’s not.

“We should not allow anything akin to this to be taking place in this country,” he added. What we should not be allowing in this country is the proven, rampant, Democrat voter fraud that made the 2020 election little different from the rigged elections in banana republics.

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