Clyburn: ‘Trump Is Not a Good Person,’ ‘Disdains’ Black Women

Clyburn: ‘Trump Is Not a Good Person,’ ‘Disdains’ Black Women

October 29, 2020

Tuesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn said President Trump is “not a good person,” partly because he has “disdain” for African-American women.

Clyburn said, “I want to see a black man who can tell me they can reconcile President Donald Trump looking into the camera speaking into a mic and calling an African-American woman a dog.” Trump did not do this.

“Tell me how you reconcile that. Tell me how you reconcile this president calling the first African-American woman, Asian-America woman be on a major party ticket, and he called her a monster, and you are going to vote for him?” Kamala Harris is a monster, but not because she’s non-white.

“I am the father of three African-American women,” Clyburn continued. “I am the son of an African-American woman. I can’t abide those kinds of insults coming from Donald Trump… That’s his mindset. He has a low regard for African-American women. He disrespects women. He disdains African-American women… This campaign is about restoring America’s goodness so we can maintain America’s greatness. Donald Trump is not a good person.”

Clyburn has completely misrepresented these statements from Trump to paint him falsely as racist and sexist. That makes Clyburn the one who’s not a good person.

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