Clyburn: The 41% of Voters Who Approve of Biden Are ‘All for’ Him

Clyburn: The 41% of Voters Who Approve of Biden Are ‘All for’ Him

April 26, 2023

Tuesday on NBC’s MTP Daily, Biden 2024 Co-Chair Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) stated that Democrats shouldn’t have to make the case for alleged President Biden’s re-election without talking about Trump and “MAGA Republicans” and that the 41% of voters in NBC’s polling who say they approve of Biden’s job performance “all say they’re all for” him.

Asked if Democrats can make the case for Biden without using the words “Trump” and “MAGA Republicans,” Clyburn replied, “Well, why should we? I think we need to talk about MAGA Republicans. I do a lot of studying of history, and I’ve been saying that whoever put this effort together that led up to January 6, they studied 1876. They saw what happened in 1876 and tried to replicate that on January 6. That is because, back then, they talked about these Radical Republicans. Today, Trump is talking about MAGA Republicans. Let’s remind the people of what kind of Republican that really is.”

Asked about an NBC News poll showing that Biden’s approval rating is at 41% and asked, “Can he win this race if this is a referendum on him, on the job he’s doing as President?” Clyburn answered, “It is going to be a referendum on him and he can win on that, because he’s got the record to run on.”

“Even with numbers like that?”

Clyburn responded, “Absolutely, because right now, he is out there against the generic Republican. Let’s wait until you measure him against his opponent. As he always say[s], don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative.”

Welker followed up, “But these voters are just talking about his performance in this poll…this is solely focused on him. So, what gives you that confidence?”

Clyburn answered, “Because when you dig down under — within the 41%, they all say they’re all for Joe Biden. They like the programs.”

Keep telling yourself that, Rep. Clyburn.

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